Who we are?

IGDR is envisaged as an independent, neutral and levelled platform to bring together development practitioners from across the realms of government, civil society, industry, academia and other non-governmental organizations to foster free, fair, transparent and high-minded discussions, as well as ideation and co-creation around some of the key themes which are critical for India’s development. The IGDR is also envisaged as having additional roles to play in areas such as practical research and analysis, leading to the structuring of actionable policies, programmes and projects.

It is expected to initially focus on the five key thematic areas of immediate interest and concern viz

  • ensuring universal, national water security and availability
  • upskilling and reskilling the population for enabling better access to livelihoods
  • ramping up healthcare protection both in terms of better individual outcomes as well as ensuring community health security
  • deepening private sector involvement for public policy outcomes
  • leveraging digital technologies across sectors for improving public service delivery.